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Manage and provision your servers, deploy your PHP, Laravel websites and APIs fast!
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Server provisioning
Bring your own server from DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr or any other custom provider. Serverfluent will set it up and prepare it for application deployments!
Database management
Install and manage MySQL, Redis or other database software. Create and manage database users, permissions, databases and more!
Simple queues
Create and manage Laravel queues effortlessly directly from within Serverfluent dashboard! Use our dashboard to inspect the output of queue worker logs!
Git push to deploy
Push changes to git. Serverfluent will automatically perform a zero-downtime deployment of latest changes!
One-Click SSL Certificates
Install Let's Encrypt or ZeroSSL certificate on your server for your website's domain with a single click of a button!
Supervisor programs
Easily create and manage long running processes or daemons with supervisor programs!
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How it works
Create and provision your server
Select a server from supported cloud providers list or provide ssh access in order to create a new server. Serverfluent will set it up and prepare PHP, database of choice, Nginx and more.
Create application
Create an application, add github repository and let Serverfluent take care of automatic deployments on git push
Push to deploy
Push your changes to git repository and watch serverfluent automatically deploy your application on your servers.
per month
Ideal for developers building small side projects
Management of 1 server
Unlimited applications
Unlimited deployments
Email & live chat support
Limited BETA offer!
per month
For agencies and developers managing multiple applications and servers
Unlimited servers
Unlimited applications
Unlimited deployments
Email & live chat support
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